The Couponizer!

Some of you may have seen this and some may have not!
This little system right here is perfect for the beginner or the avid couponer!
The Couponizer!
I love this! I actually purchased one for myself for my smaller shopping trips and do not want to carry in my binder with me. I keep it in my purse at ALL times!!!


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Very affordable and effective!

There are many different ways to order this.

Here is the pricing and what you get with the different offers!

The Couponizer

In Stock
#1 Best Selling in US & Canada!! A complete system of tools designed for maximum savings!

The Couponizer Plus Tote Bag

In Stock
The Couponizer plus Tote Bag

The Couponizer with List Refills

In Stock

The SUPER Smart Saver Package!

In Stock
The Couponizer & Save MORE than Money DVD

For the Love of Shopping & Saving Package

In Stock

The Couponizer plus 2 reusable shopping bags (1 bag is FREE!


There are many other items as well and packages.
Like I said great for anyone who would like to make life just a little bit more simple when it comes to your coupons!
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There is also a link to the right of the blog and on the facebook fan page under “printable coupons”.

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Hope this helps some of you get started!


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