Do you have a money savings plan for 2013? Check out this neat and easy way to save some cash!

Do you have a money savings plan for 2013? How about a 52 week Saving Money Challenge?

This is such a great idea and an easy way to save money without being overwhelmed!
Follow the guide in the spread sheet above and at the end of the year have $1378 saved!

I am personally going to start this tomorrow! If you are up for this challenge then please join the Crazy Coupon Train Group HERE and let’s all try to work together not only to save money with our coupons, but also using this nifty guide to help us start seeing a balance in our savings accounts!

It’s really simple! First week $1, Second Week $2, Third Week $3 and so on!

I would love for you to join us on this journey this year!

Make sure you like the fan page too and join the group HERE!

Thanks to Coupon Savings in the South for this awesome idea!


  1. I love it, I deposited money this morning. I have been savings for my husband and myself.

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